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With years of industry experience, we can help your game succeed every step of the way.





Got a great game idea?

Perhaps just an idea or a concept you want to turn into a game.
Or maybe you have some work done on it and need help fleshing it out.

No matter the level of completion, we have the writing creativity and talent to make your game the center of attention.

Have trouble finding artists or need someone to layout your manuscript?

Whether you need to define your art style or have a particular style in mind, we have access to numerous award-winning artists and layout designers to give your game that extra visual edge.

Want to crowdfund your game but have no experience? As serial creators we've learned a thing or two about running  successful crowdfunding campaigns.

From project review, to running the entire campaign our expertise is at your disposal.

From software to games, launch is the hardest part of any project.
We can help your game find a quality manufacturer. Get your game out to your backers, and help you get your games into distribution and Amazon.

Meet  The Team

No great product is the result of one person's work.
It is the combination of every specialty brought together with determination.

Core Writers/Designers

Ben McFarland

Karl Larsson

Elizabeth Chaipraditkul

Jacob Wood


Domenico Neziti

Andreas Walters

Gareth Hodges

Conor Burke

Sarah Richardson

Review Board

Gareth Hodges

Emma Hespa Mann

Scott Robinson

Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell

Born a gamer, and always a gamer.
Prior to graduating college he had written and published his first book, learning the craft of publication. Graduating in 2013 with a degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Urban Planning.
Later in 2014 he launched his first RPG Kickstarter project and has become a serial games creator since.

Vincent Yau



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